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Avril 2014 - Arise It's Time

Can you believe it? ARISE is JUST about here! 4-14! (April 14th)

Arise 2014

God has been speaking to many people about this APRIL. To help us focus there are many resources on both the Global and Canada ARISE website: www.kidsarise.com

I have pulled together some prayer resources that have just been put on the Canada Arise website under, “Prayer points the 4-14 window” as well as some prayers that kids have prayed and IHOP prays FOR kids every week under “Prayers”. www.canada.kidsarise.com  I hope to also put up a post on creative prayer ideas soon.

The 30 ACORN devotions have been uploaded in ENGLISH and are a great resource for kids and families for the month of APRIL. They dovetail with the theme “SING A NEW SONG” and Justice and Putting on robes of righteousness. Many have had input from kids around the world!! www.kidsarise.com/resources

The FRENCH version of 11 ACORNS ( translated by Elsie and Nicholas Koller from France and YWAMer Anne Mc Mechan from Quebec ) will be uploaded today.  A CHINESE version will be coming soon. (Gloria Huang from L.A. has been overseeing that.) So keep checking if that is the language that would be helpful for you. I have attached a sample of each language.

Did you know that THIS year there are MANY other organizations that have heard EXACTLY the same thing about the importance of praying for and having kids rise up and worship and pray? THIS is part of a note I received a few weeks ago:
"Global Prayer and Praise is a collaborative worldwide initiative asking leaders to empower the children, youth, and families of nations to raise their voices together for the release of God's justice. With the participation of various organizations including The International Prayer Council, Children in Prayer, YWAM, IHOPKC, 4/14 Window Movement, Global Day of Worship, Transform World, The Call, Arise International, and numerous others, we believe this is a God movement."

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them".(Matthew 19:14). Will you let them come?

ALONG with the month-long encouragement to integrate kids and pray for their needs throughout APRIL...4-14...

...for 24 hours, on the weekend of April 13 - 14, 2014, there is a worldwide call for all children, youth, and families to unite in prayer and worship of Jesus our Lord.  

We invite local communities to gather together to pray, knowing that they are joining countless others around the world.  

THEN I just happened to listen to a video that DALE KAUFFMAN , international director of King Kids, shared about how important it is for us to listen and ask God what is on HIS heart for us today and then JOIN Him SO we can Hit the mark for the generations living today! (*** You can listen to these excellent videos as the link is on the same ARISE resource page under Generation of Destiny (G.O.D.) videos) www.kidsarise.com/resources

ALL THAT TOGETHER makes me believe this is a GOD moment that we need to partner with Him in.

Many blessings as you listen to the Lord and to how He would have you participate.

P.S. if you have any pictures or video footage of times in worship or prayer with kids Global Praise and Prayer is seeking to set up a 24 hour streaming of worship by and for kids for APRIL 13-14 - contact: Liz Duval

Carolin Sadler
Canadian Coordinator ARISE!


“For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” Isaiah 61:11 

Arise 2014


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