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Juillet 2013 - Presenting The Urban Culture DTS In Montreal

We are pleased to be accepting applications for the 2013-12014 Urban Cultures Discipleship Training School beginning this October 1st.

This is not a school where most of your time will be spent in class. In fact, you will be interns just as much as students throughout the eight months of this training program. This school will be unique for each participant depending on their choices regarding volunteer work, internships and research projects. The Urban Cultures DTS has both academic as well as practical application dimensions; come with the idea of not only wanting to deepen your faith but also to question it. We’re looking for student-interns who want to be active, who are ready to think through issues and who are interested in other people. 

Here is what former student-interns and ministry leaders have to say about the program:

Urban Culture DTS

URBAN CULTURES is a training school that wants to be relevant and practical at the same time. It’s founded on the principle of incarnation, and is designed to give students the needed time to get involved body, soul and spirit in the life of the city. We hope to train people who, at the end of the school, will have the know-how to initiate new ministries here in Montreal or elsewhere in the world with YWAM, their church or other missionary organizations.

Montréal (and Québec) find themselves caught up in the purely western world reality of post-christendom. The québécois people, and even more those living in the city, are for the most part uninterested with religion as such. So how are we to live out and interpret our faith in such a way that it can become real and relevant once again? In this school, we want to emphasize that there are no short-cuts to sharing God’s love with the world. The only way that Jesus has proposed for us to accomplish our calling is the following : « As the Father has sent me, I also send you into the world ». (John 17.18 and 20.21)



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