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Juin 2013 - Biblical Peacemaking Seminar July 14-18, 2013

The YWAM North American Member Care Core Team is hosting a training with Peacemaker Ministries, July 14-18, 2013 at YWAM Salem, Oregon.

Several years ago the YWAM Global Leadership Team adopted the Peacemaker Model for resolving conflict within our mission. 

"In YWAM's foundational values, number 13 states that, as an organization, we are to be relationship-oriented, YWAM is dedicated to being relationship-oriented in our living and working together. We desire to be united through lives of holiness, mutual support, transparency, humility, and open communication, rather than a dependence on structures or rules. With this in mind, the international global leadership team felt the previous document used by YWAM for justice and appeals in conflict to be insufficiently based on this value of relationship. We all agree that harmony in relationships is an important value to be kept as our highest priority. The Peacemaker Model for resolving conflict brings us to focus on Jesus in all we do and how we can continue to honor God in our relationships." 

Ah Kie Lim , GLT member and YWAM International Member Care Coordinator

At the YWAM International Consultation on Member Care in Singapore, 2012 we were personally introduced to several days of training with Peacemaker Ministries. One thing that impressed us was how Biblical, practical, and adaptable the principles are. Not only were we taught principles in personal conflict resolution, but also principles for multi-cultural team conflict and mediation. These skills are invaluable for all of us as we continue to work within our mission.

Jerry & Cathie GatesThe presenters of “Biblical Peacemaking” are Jerry and Cathie Gates from Gig Harbor, Washington State. They have experience teaching and assisting peacemaking for several international mission organizations including Youth With a Mission and Children of the Nations. They work cross culturally and with non English speaking mission teams. The presenters are trained in the application of Biblical principals by Peacemaker Ministries (Peacemaker.net) including conflict coaching and conflict mediation. Their teaching is usually short-term in nature and has taken them to South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, West Africa, the Philippines and Dominican Republic. They have seen and experienced the power of God’s plan and movement of the Holy Spirit in helping mission organizations by equipping them
to handle conflict in a way that brings glory to God, enhances relationships, and furthers ministries.

Topics covered in this seminar will be:  
* Personal Peacemaking
* Coaching
* Mediation
* Cultural Values

Knowing that relationship issues with co-workers are among one of the highest reasons workers leave missions, we would like to encourage you to please send some of your staff for this vital and important training.

YWAM Salem is located at:
7085 Battle Creek Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97317

Phone: Bill & Carolyn Allen at: 719.494.7236 if you have questions

Email: allenc@ywamnsi.org

Cost: $125.00USD cash or check; $135.00USD debit or credit card
(includes housing and meals)

Deposit fee: $25.00 per person by
July 1, 2013 registration deadline

Make checks payable to: YWAM

Mail registration form to:
Attn. Bill & Carolyn Allen
P.O. Box 62099
Colorado Springs, CO
80962 USA

Download the PDF for more info

Bill & Carolyn Allen
YWAM North American Member Care


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