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Octobre 2013 - Canada's First SOW Kicks Off April 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Canada's first ever YWAM School of Worship (SOW) will begin next year in April 2014 in Vancouver, BC!

SOW 2014

Our heart is to see the people of Canada and Canadian churches grow in worship. We want to equip more worship leaders to bring Glory to God in this nation, and in all nations. That's why we are joining the 30+ other SOW's around the world to train up worship leaders all around the world.

Why not join us in Vancouver, BC next April and be apart of history and also go much deeper in your walk with the Lord. The SOW will take you further, and deeper!

If you can't come, can you please help us to "get the word out"! Here are three things you can do which will only take a moment of your time:

1. Take 2 minutes right now to pray for the 2014 SOW. If God gives you anything specific - please let us know!
2. LIKE our Facebook page. Let your old DTS classmates know as well!
3. Contact us about the Platinum Plan. It will help us get the school off the ground faster than anything else.

SOW 2014

As you have all heard by now, RENDEZVOUS 2014 will be in Pinawa next August. Our plan is to have our whole outreach team there as well.

Please contact us at: schoolofworship@ywamvancouver.com

Call: Stuart at (778) 238-8709

Click HERE, for more details about the school!

Love & Blessings
Stuart Bishop
(for the Vancouver 2014 SOW)

SOW 2014


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